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The effect of motivation on staff performance. The other is to identify the factors which can motivate the staff to perform effectively and efficiently using Jemok Pure Water as a case study. Although it was uneasy for the researcher to interact with Jemok management, but was able to make some findings which indicates that when staff are motivated it can actually lead to a high productivity. In analyzing the research work properly, the researcher analyzed the research chapter by chapter. Chapter one is all about the introduction of the research of which states the background of the study, significance of study, the scope and limitations of the study and all other organisation and definition of terms, the researcher used in the research. Chapter two of this research is reviewing the related literature of the work that is enhancing the entrepreneurial developments in the country. Chapter three, of the research is all about the design and methodology of the research that is the design area of the study, population, sampling and sampling procedure, types of data used, location of data, research instruments, procedure of data gathering, and method of data analysis. Chapter four of the research is about presentation and analysis of data that is how to present the data and analyses all the data collected. Chapter five, which is the final chapter is about the summary of the researcher findings, conclusion recommendations were made. From the findings, it was observed that promotion; increase of salary/wages, in-service training, assessment of staff ability etc. can motivate workers to perform effectively. It was also found that Jemok workers are very much interested on promotion (increase of salaries/wages). Also other incentives should also be used to encourage workers to perform effectively and efficiently.


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