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Growth and innovation in the field of industrialization and the complex nature of modern business activities creates the needs for the expert handing of organizations human resources, and therefore calls for a proper and adequate implementation of motivational programmed in order to meet the productivity challenges. This need is to get the workers utilize their optimum effort to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. In the light of this development companies in the manufacturing industry Beta Glass Plc and other industries as well are therefore faced with the task of creating awareness through which the very important function off high productivity can be achieved, it is generally believed that motivation brings increase productivity. The purpose of this study is to find out whether motivation is used to increase productivity of staffs/workers in manufacturing industries using the Beta Glass Plc of Nigeria. Organization as a focus of study the type of motivational programmed on output. This research work understood a survey of the motivational policies and programmed of Beta Glass Plc, Ughelli and found out that through their exists and established policy and programmed for motivation, it was deficient in content and implantation. In carrying out this research, oral interview and research questionnaires where used. The research utilized descriptive in analyzing the data the survey answers where re-enforce by the oral interview responses. Base on the oral interview an immediate review of the motivational policies and programmed of Beta Glass, remedies were suggested in order to make it more functional and adaptive to the present and future needs of the corporation for optimum productivity. Some of which includes: to promote staff as at when due for same has the effect of upgrading employees status, in addition to the monetary benefits, and they should also be provided with challenging jobs responsibility and initiative and adequate training programmed.

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