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The topic of this research work is challenges of management in Technological Development in Nigeria Aluminium industry was used as case study. The research was divided into five chapters. Chapter one starts by introducing the topic of the study. It goes further to explain why the study is important. Although all companies in Nigeria as a whole make up the study area, however for reason explain therein, the scope in limited to Asaba and also one company Aliminium Manufacturing Company (ALMACO). Limitation that hindered the smooth conduct of the study were also enumerated. Chapter two focuses to what other people, both Nigerians and people of other lands have written about management and technology both problems and challenges there from. It goes further to explain what is written by individuals as constituting the implication of technological tendencies and the need for challenges and also the constraint on technological development in Nigeria. Chapter three treats the research design, area of study, population of study, sample determination, source of data collection and instrument for collecting data. Chapter four is where the data were presented and analyzed under the leading data presentation and analysis therefore acts as the prelude to chapter five which is a very important chapter. Chapter five contains discussion of findings which will explain the out come of the study, what has been found as being problems and challenges posed by technological development in ALUMACO.


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