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Human relation management is earnings as a major determinant of organizational conflict. An organization success depends on how they are able to relate with the staff in the organization. Organizations are established with the aim of making profit but how are they making profit with a lot conflict arising from all angles. For the reason a research was been carried out in order to know the causes and import of organizational conflict. Conflict can be defined as a type of behaviour that occurs when two or more parties are an opposition as a result relative deprivation intercepting with one person or group. From the research carried out we were able to know the causes of the impact of conflict in the organization. The project is divided into five chapters chapter one treated the background of the study statement of problems objective of the study. Statement of hypothesis. Significance of the study scope of the study research question and defection of terms and references. In chapter two literature review were examined by other studies as it relates to causes and impact of conflict in an organization. Chapter three deal with the design of the study the method used in collecting data and it also deals with the ways questionnaire were distributed using sample population of one hundred and twenty two staff and customers and the data were analyzed using parentages. In chapter four the data were treated. The data got from the research survey were analyzed and interpreted and clearly presented. Chapter five treated the summary or finding conclusion and recommendation From the research we were able to know that all forms of business organization experience conflict. And the basic reason why conflict occur in an organization is because different belief that were what 35 respondents representing 38% responds rate said the impact of conflict in an organization is that minimized organization profit according to the researcher 40 respondent representing 43% response rate were in support of it. The researcher recommended that first bank Nigeria plc Enugu should increase their co-operation among staff and between staff and customers since it reduces organizational conflict


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