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This work is based on the causes, effect and solution of unemployment in Delta State. The case study is Ughelli north Local Government Area of Delta State. Unemployment has over the years been a Socio – Economic problem in Delta State. Even private individual and government have tried out the cause and final solution to this menses. But for my research work I carried out, after a careful study of the population, questionnaire and personal interview which was conducted enable me to obtain information. This make me to identify the cause, effect and even find solution to this unemployment in Delta State. This research work is zoned into five chapters. Chapter one deals with the background to the study, statement of the problem, research questions, purpose and significance of the study. Chapter two deals with the literature review, chapter three linked out the research design, showing the population, sample, size and sampling technique and the methods of data collection and analysis. Chapter four is on the interpretation of data and analysis. Chapter five looked at the summary, conclusion and recommendation. And it was concluded that It is clear that the people of Ughelli North local government area of delta state are fully aware of the problem of unemployment and that the fight against unemployment is a task that must be achieved by the government if the integrity of the nation is to be enhanced and to achieve recommendation were made as follow; government corporate organization, individual home and foreign investors should be encouraged to establish industries in the country, The federal government should set up committee to make sure there is a proper utilization of the available resource and then increase per – capital income so as to build a large stock of capital that will stimulate investment, Delta State should be made to reduce fertility rate from now so that the unemployment problem will not be much worse than it is already.


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