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This is study on strategic planning as a per requisite in achieving organizational growth and development. Strategic planning involves determining the direction and scope of an organization over the long term, matching its resources to his changing environment and in its market, customer so as to meet stakeholder ,expectation . Thus, this study comprises of five chapter , chapter one cover the back ground of the study, it gives an over view of said topic. Chapter two focus on review of related literature ,it outline in details, past authors work on the topic ,the need, aim, importance of strategic planning in organization . chapter three centered on research methodology ,it shows the various approaches used by the researcher in collecting data for the study . chapter four consist of data for the study .chapter consist of data presentation and analysis .while chapter five gives a summary ,recommendation and conclusions of the topic. Form the study, it recommend that organization could emback on strategic planning in order to make the best use of their strength, and overcome their corporate weakness. This study revealed that for organization to achieve growth and development, its management should be alert to its business environment in order to identify changes that are bound to occur. also the recommend that organization should learn to develop concrete strategic. Plans in order to achieve the growth and development objective of the organization.


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