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There has been a lot of difficulties in determining the definition of small scale business. To determine what a small scale business is we have to put into consideration so many employees, asset values, sales volume, financial strength number of locations, relative size and so on. Some definitions of small scale business have been put up as in the case of the industrial research unit if Obafemi Awolowo university Ife, which states that is one whose capital assets equipment plant and working capital are less than N250.000.00 and employing power of not less than 50 full time workers This study work toward how these small scale business can source raw materials for their production and how some of their problem can be solved. Small scale business are being posed by a lot of problem like finance, social amenties, not belonging to union of small scale business lack of planning . This work studies how this problems will be solved and suggest how people involved in small scale business can solve this problem and more away of sourcing raw materials. This study also made use a random sampling method in its research where questionnaires were supplied and distributed to various concerned firms.


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