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This project was carried out in order to examine the extent of senior management recruitment practice in Anambra motor manufacturing company Enugu (ANAMMCO) the study was conducted in Enugu metropolis. This research made use of life orientation from oral interview, questionnaires and certain analysis of published material. The highlights of the result are. 1. The study found out that recruitment practice by the organization enhances the morale of senior management. 2. It was found that majority of the workers bars have undergone recruitment programme organized by the company. 3. Paper qualification- This problem was identified, it was found as employee’s principles of senior management in Stan recruitment practices. 4. The following recruitment are therefore made having stated these findings. 5. Enlightenment programme: Enlightenment companies aimed at imbibing industrial culture into senior workers in ANAMMCO be a first step and important fact, the organizational development of the company should be in from of seminars and work shops with emphasis on modalities for embarking on senior management recruitment practice. 6. Technology: The company should know that importation of technologies is quite appropriate for them in our developing nation they have to place emphasis on the importation of machines because efficiency associated with them.


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