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This project “production of plane mirror using local raw material” is meant to study the possibility of producing plane mirror using sand rich in silica as its major local raw material. Plane mirror is produced by casting one side of a sheet glass. Presently in Nigeria, sheet glass is not used easily produce and as such, the local raw material used in the in the production of plane mirror in this product backing paint. The facilities for the production include spraying gun and finger brush. In the course of production, the silver nitrate was first mixed with a reducing reagent; we formaldehyde of glucose, all in a distilled water. After which the mirror backing paint was mixed with some amount of thinner. The float glass was then washed with warm water and allowed to dry. After drying, it was first coated with silver nitrate solution after the use of talcum power to rub on the back of the glass. A second spraying of mirror- backing paint was done after the silver nitrate coating had dried up. This whole operation now resulted to a plane-mirror since a plane mirror is also a coated glass. The reflection of the mirror was taken after coating the glass, while the refractive index of the glass was taken before coating the float glass to form a mirror.


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