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This research project is a very crucial study for the Nigerian Entrepreneurship. The study was motivated by the necessity to identify the problems of entrepreneurship development in Enugu Metropolis. This form of business has been in existence since trade by barter began and has been of items and places, carrying over the broad thread of business from century to century. To source research instruments used in collecting the data were questionnaires and oral interview. The respondents comprises of managers and various owners of business (Entrepreneurs) In organizing and presenting data collected tables, frequencies and percentages were used. The carious hypothesis were tested using the chi-square Data analysis and interpretation gave the following findings: 1) Most of the respondents require the service of banks and other financial institutions 2) Most of the respondents complained about the snail-pace process of the banks while treating their application for loans. 3) Most entrepreneurs complained over some government polices that are inimical to the development of entrepreneurship. 4) It was also discovered that most entrepreneurs do not have the required skill. 5) Most respondents complained of government instability. 6) It also revealed that prospective entrepreneurs. In Enugu Metropolis lack a good business site. Based on the findings, we recommend that: 1) Government should provide more financial institutions to serve entrappers 2) There should be improvement of credit worthiness. 3) Government should provide a framework of stability and progress which will encourage a for sight private planning. 4) Government should promote and encourage the acquisition of skills and knowledge. 5) There should be a change of attitude towards made in Nigeria goods. 6) There should be establishment of large market. The conclusion of the study is that entrepreneurship development in Enugu Metropolis is bent on many problems but if the recommendations will be considered and improved, the hidden large potential for the development of entrepreneurship in Nigeria and Enugu State in particular will be achieved


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