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This study principally seeks to examine the problems of privatization and commercialization of public enterprises in Enugu state for this purpose, two privatized corporation were used for the study. These are Ebonyi Paints and Vanguard Industries Limited. In understanding this research, questionnaires were administered among the staff of the two corporations used for the study. One hundred and forty questionnaires were administered to the various categories of the staff of the corporation. From the empirical data gathered and analysed, the study has shown among other that. 1. Government ownership and control of public enterprises in Enugu state had their inefficiency, loss and unprofitability. 2. This efficiency, loss and unprofitably which characterized the public enterprises and which created the excuse for their privatization emanated from the government’s undue intervention in the day-to-day running of these enterprises. 3. This intervention took different forms which includes the imposition of uncommercial policies, appointment of unqualified personal, and the control of prices at which products sere sold among others. 4. The public enterprises where operating at a loss before privatization and there, very unproductive, unprofitable and consequently, constituted a financial burden on the government, hence their privatization. 5. The privatization exercise has endangered efficiency, productivity and profitability.


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