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This research study is purely designed to examined the importance of marketing plan to a business performance in Nigeria. The population of the study consist of the people of Ozoro, which was drawn from the inner super market. A well structured questionnaire and other relevant materials as both primary and secondary sources of data were collected for the study. Data were analyzed using simple percentage and chi-square (x2) statistical techniques. The study was absolutely made up of five chapters. The background of the study revealed out some research problems and from there, some research questions were formulated to find out solutions to the problems. With our findings it clearly revealed that marketing plan has a significant relationship with business growth. I also find out that marketing plan has a positive relationship in restructuring the business organization both profit volume and size. It was found out that marketing plan has a positive relationship with managerial decision making of the business organization. it was revealed that marketing plan has a positive and significant relationship with the business mission of the firm. Based on the findings and conclusions, it was recommended that marketing manager of any business firm wishing to achieve supervisor performance of business should articulate marketing plan and also management of all business plan from time to time. The firm marketing manager should formulate, implant, implement, evaluate and control planning when the need arises, so as to improved planning performance of the firm.


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