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This project work deals with manpower planning and development as a tool for higher productivity. Flour Mill Emene Enugu us where the focus lies The research problem in this project is to investigate how manpower planning and development can effect productivity, as to find out factors militating against it objectives, prospects, related problems and how it can be improved. Theoretically, this topic falls with the area of personnel management as a function of business organization. The methodology of this research is descriptive and explanatory based on system methodology. The major findings are; The success or failure of an organization depends greatly on the management, an unproductive and undisciplined. Many management know littler or nothing about human relations approach in management. They normally dack in the elementary principles of organizational behaviour there is no knowledge to link the employees with organizational rewards, unidentification of employee’s needs in order to motivate them to hard work. Many workers shy away from the working period due to the skill on management. Many managers do not appreciate the importance of performance valuation, due to no proper supervision of the workers. Recruitment pattern is another important finding. Most of the recruited workers are persons who do not have any idea of the job at all. If they are not close relations be sons-in-law, brother or sister in-law low productivity is assured due to no knowledge of the job. Majority of the new employed workers are not given proper orientation concerning the job and all other things that surrounds the job. Lastly, there is poor division of labour as a result of small number of employees facing a great task. These will definitely lead to low productivity. In accordance with above findings, the research workers dencluded that manpower planning and development is inevitable for small. Finally, if the cases are supported with suitable solutions, workers will put more effort and higher productivity will be achieved


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