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This research study tries to investigate the management problems of public enterprises, a case study of Anambra motor manufacturing company (ANAMMCO) One of the major objectives of any government is a stable growth and development of the country through industrialization. One of the avenues through which this is achieved is by the establishment of public enterprises. ANAMMCO, being a public enterprise, the researcher has undertaken to investigate how much it has contributed to the general growth and development of Nigeria and also investigate any managerial problems of may have. This research study contains five chapters. Chapter one introduction of the topic “management problem public enterprises (a case of ANAMMCO) along with the statement of the problem, objectives of the study and hypotheses. Chapter two talk about the review of the literature on the topic. Chapter three is about the research methodology. Chapter four talk about analysis and interpretation of data. Chapter five contains conclusions followed by recommendations to the management of ANAMMCO. It is the belie of the researcher that this research work will be of great beretit to the management of ANAMMCO and other public enterprises that may have similar problems.


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