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Fraud is finally acknowledgement as a hidden threat to financial institutions in the country. It has remained a Jig Saw Puzzle in our commercial Banks and other financial institutions. People view it with astonishment considering the devastating effects uncontrollability, increasing trend and magnitudes in our news headlines. In recent times, the frequency of occurrence of fraud and fraudulent practices in almost all non-banking establishment, ministries, schools etc. is unimaginable. The sporadic rate of spread din banks and even the Apex Bank (CBN) is enough warning signal of eminent doom for the indispensable financialsector of the Nigeria economy. Based on this fact, this research paper is a source of examining the management reaction towards fraud control using selected commercial banks in Nnewi as a case study. This study is divided into five-(5) chapter’s chapter one is the introduction outline, deals eminent authors, banking experts, banking chief inspectors and auditors. Chapter two (2) (literature review) is substantially sub sectioned into various heading which highlight definitions, classification and nature of fraud, causes of fraud, legal implications and liability for losses, manpower resource and financial resource and financial losses resulting from fraud, the innovations in information technology and limitation in human actions. The concern by the monetary and regulating agencies, the government agencies and all embracing methods of detection and control. Chapter (3) discuses all research design namely sources of data ie primary and secondary data, questionnaire, face to face interactions with the employees of the three(3) commercial banks in nnewi. NDIC reports, textbooks, business and financial papers, handout. The area of study was focussed on three (3) banks such as first bank, union bank and all state trust bank, the astonishment used for data collection/questionnaire and personal interviews as well as the derivation formulated and computation of the sample size. Chapter four (4) leaded presentation and analysis of data,the first section is questionnaire according to how they relate to the research question while the last section in chapter. Four (4) is the summary of result. Chapter five (5) we have the discussion, recommendation and conclusion of the study, the first section deals with the result obtained from questionaires, the second section on recommendation deals with the researcher suggestion’s towards the problem of the topic and in the conclusion, the final remark of the topic made by the researcher, the researcher made suggestions for further research


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