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The study of liquidity management in banks with particular reference on Union Bank Plc. Okpara Avenue Branch and Nice Community Bank Amawbia Awka. Chapter one looked into the liquidity and profitability position in order to find out why banks needs to be move liquid than any other financial institutions as well as business Organization. The aim is to final a lasting solution to in eliminate fund shortages and inability of some banks to provide a required liquid when called upon on emergencies. A significance number of literature relating to the subjects matter were reviewed and in all they agreed that liquidity management in most banks are as a result of fraud and other financial malpractices, it is also noted that some bad depths are as a result of giving loans without requesting for collateral. Through in hypothesis test II and table 4:1:4 the data analysis and presentation shows that banks strictly select those that mind their vaults or treasury but it does not stop the funds and other malpractices. The study recommended that banks should keep liquid in excess to solve the problem of inadequacies and delicacies and to close the gap of scarcity of fuels and such like problem and they should relate to other branches and cash centers when ever there is a signal of low centers when ever there is a signal of low liquid by the head of treasury. It is also agreed that in spite of interest intent being made by banks that Nise community bank should go into foreign exchange services and other related services like treasury bills to promote them profitability. Finally the researcher concluded that government should intervene in this case so as to authorize community banks in foreign advances and to put to a stop of regulations of CBN over keeping certain amount to eliminate fuel scarcity and such like problems.


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