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Since democratic leadership, our leaders have wrong and faulty orientation and value on the leadership policy. Leaders have used their leadership powers and positions to enhance their personal interest. The polity has become a grave yard where leaders collect and give nothing in return. Leadership goals and orientation in Nigeria has focused on seeking gains for themselves from positions instead of making sacrifices and selfless services “services to self’ and not to the people but with goals of personal aggrandizement. Leadership in Nigeria since independence till date has lacked a credible and transparent system of recruitment or as the people choice of leadership has not emerged, while “we” had experienced more of forced military leadership to civilian government which has also been characterized with frauds and election rigging, political clientatism and employ the bearer’s syndrome. In analyzing the research work properly, the researcher analyzed the research chapter by chapter. Chapter one is all about the introduction of the research of which states the background of the study, significance of study, the scope and limitations of the study and all other organisation and definition of terms, the researcher used in the research. Chapter two of this research is reviewing the related literature of the work that is enhancing the entrepreneurial developments in the country. Chapter three, of the research is all about the design and methodology of the research that is the design area of the study, population, sampling and sampling procedure, types of data used, location of data, research instruments, procedure of data gathering, and method of data analysis. Chapter four of the research is about presentation and analysis of data that is how to present the data and analyses all the data collected. Chapter five, which is the final chapter is about the summary of the researcher findings, conclusion recommendations were made.


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