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This research was carried out with the sole aim of monitoring interface in the transportation of petroleum pipeline products and the analysis of this product from Enugu depot. In the research it was observed that product contaminates each other if interface was not properly monitored and cut at the appropriate time. The three major products that were considered in this research were premium motor spirit (PMS) automotive gas premium (AGO0 and dual purpose kerosene (DPK). The tests carried out point test smoke point test, initial and final boiling point test (Distillation), temperature and density test, to ascertain the standard quality specification and the extent of their purity. It was observed from the result that the flash point value for DPK and AGO were 430c and 820c respectively. The average smoke point test values for DPK product was 21.92mm. the initial and final boiling point of PMS were350c and 1750c, respectively. The observed density at the DPK/AGO interface monitoring test were 819 kg/m3 and 850 kg/m3 and corrected densities for DPK and AGO were 830.2kg/m3 and 859.9kg/m3 respectively. The interface reception cut point for DPK/AGO interface monitoring was made at the corrected density of 849.0 kg/m3. And the temperature of DPK and AGO were 310c respectively. The result from the analysis revealed that the boiling point of PMS was far more lower than that of AGI and DPK, which implies that PMS has a higher volatility than the two other products the flash point test revealed that the minimum temperature at which AGO and DPK ignites was 66.50c and 430c PMS was not determined because of its high volatility. Also, the standard minimum smoke point of DPK was determined to be 22mm. The smoke point test for AGO and PMS were not carried out because, they were not domestically used and their combustion normally takes value in an engine. This research has become very necessary because it reveals the proper way pf handling petroleum pipeline product to meet standard specification for domestic and industrial use


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