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The study intensive promotions and students consumption patterns of coca-cola production looks forwards to know that reactions of students towards advertising and also about their consumption pattern of production named coca-cola. Efforts where made to know that actually, motivated students consume coca-cola products more than others. The studies were carried out in two perspectives. The historical method and the survey method. The historical method involves oral interview and questionnaires to ascertain what motivated students to consume coke products. And the survey method; visiting of coca-cola company at 9th mile to collect some variable and important information about the product. The analyzed data in tabular from showing responses and percentage The outcome discussed and summarized that research identified as one of its objectives. 1. To inform consumers to be aware of the important of advertisement carried out gods, services, ideas, institutions governments etc. 2. To enlighten, educate individuals, organization and government on how advertising can be used for economic recovery and development through paper utilization. From this answer obtained from respondents in the questionnaire, I concluded that coca cola product have been acknowledged and recognized by using advertising as a powerful tool or machinery in the promotion and sales of their products. I can also understand that coca cola products are of high qualities and there fore they are the leading name in the whole world in terms of soft drinks. As part of my recommendation, I suggest that if given the opportunity to participate and continue advertising message regularly, both advertisers and consumers will make best use of whatever knowledge they have acquired from advertisement. Also on the government. I recommend that it should engage in advertising regularly since it has a lot of programmes, which will be made known to the public. As this will go a long way to assist work efficiency, it also creates and provides the work force of the elements that conflict in the lingering and counter correspondent environmental threat subsides and equitable providing precautions strategies and tactics for evaluating environmental opportunities. In conclusion, the students’ comparative welfare and miscellaneous funds expectances are calculated and deduced through the implementation and control programme to enhance equitable sales and mission satisfaction in the institution


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