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The research was an industrial conflict as an impediment to personnel management (A case study of ANAMMCO Emene, Enugu ). The objectives was meant to determine the extent to which industrial conflict at as impediment to personnel management. Secondly, to look into the types of industrial conflict, the effect of labour management conflict in ANAMMCO the courses of industrial conflict and industrial conflict resolution techniques. From result gathered, industrial conflicts are classified as intra-industrial conflict, inter-group conflict, line-staff conflict, role conflict , conflict of right and interest. It was also revealed that the sources of these conflicts could be as a result of differences in perception, and qualification, political causes, limited resources, communication gap/barriers inter-dependent work activity , role function and the issue of God-fathers The finding also indicate the effects of conflict as it diverts attention from organization goal attainment and creates resentment and anxiety among organization members which makes the organization unviable to function properly. It causes efficiency and coordination which can erode and destroy the bases of team work and cooperation among organization members and also a feeding of alicuation, a loss of morale and other forms of discontent which can make individual to with draw completely from organization. The significance of these findings were also indicated. In particular it has been urged that so long as there is persistent and recurrent conflict in an organization, efficient and effective personnel management and also organizational goal attainment will be unrealistic and suggest the need for policies designed to accommodate labour and management views. A number of measures were perceived as capable of solving this problems posed. It was suggested that management should endeavour to have discussions regularly with its workers as this enables them know and understand workers problems and how they feel about their job and work conditions. It was also suggested that boxes be situated where employees/workers can find then and lodge their complaints. Such boxes should be opened regularly and complaints so lodged treated accordingly.

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