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This study examined the Impact of Motivational Techniques and Employee Performance. The general objective of this study was to establish the relationship between employee’s motivation and work performance at Union Bank Plc, Warri. The study used a cross-sectional study design on a sample of 133 respondents. Data was collected using a questionnaire and was presented using frequencies and percentages, mean and standard deviation, correlation and regression analysis. Motivation in different part of the job by working along with knowledgeable and skilled supervisors, supplementary lectures by less effort were undertaken to adequately orient employees, even adequate job instruction motivation, apprenticeship for employee and job recreation and forms of on the job motivation. The study found out that the relation to quantity of output the work performance was only good in relation to submitting all required daily and weekly report but was only fair in as far as attending to the desired number of community, people and achievement of target set by supervisor (s) in the private institutions. On the quantity of output the employee had achieved a good performance only in relation to recording of low defect / failure rates in work but had only attained fair performance in relations to outputs meeting and various University standards and take stakeholder’s satisfaction with the quality of work produced by the employee. On the timelines of outputs, the employee felt that they were very good at using official time to perform official institutions duties but had only attained a fair performance in relation to attendance to the required number of community people in time and always meeting deadlines for the tasks assigned. The study found a high positive significant relationship between employee motivation and work performance. The study recommends that the achieved outstanding performance, various Nigerian Universities employee and other stakeholders should offer effective on the job and off the job motivation for employees.


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