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The Nigeria society today is crawling with all kinds of human activities in pursuit of survival. A peasant farmer who usually wakes up everyday knows that his duty is to go to his farm and see whether his crops are growing fine and healthy. A medical doctor has the duty to attending to patients in the hospital while teachers are there to impact knowledge into people. What then does a business man do in his or her business activities. These activities of human being for survival has gone beyond the limit of home-stead. Our companies today have all erupted with all kinds of business activities creating employment for the unemployment citizens. For the purpose of this study based on our research exercise, our topic had been the feasibility of drinking water business in campus III of IMT Enugu the researcher have came out with relevant data to prove the drinking water business as on going business activity in the campus. At the beginning of this study. Chapter one only gives the over view or background study of the topic while chapter two review some relevant literature. The chapter three goes to touch the conclusion presentation of my research, data analysis then conclusion and recommendation drawn.


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