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This research work has the title. ‘Entrepreneurial Development and its impact in our economy’ this study was embarked upon in order to know the problems militating against entrepreneurship, its source of finance and the roles entrepreneurs play in Eboyi state as a test case. A good number of works already carried out were reviewed. In order to achieve the set objectives, care was taken in collection of relevant data, using primary and secondary method of data collection such as interviews, questionnaires administration, personal observation and experiences. Target population was appropriately segmented into sample – size. The researcher tried as much as possible to state the entrepreneurial developments and its impact honour economy bearing in mind the importance of the study. The data gathered which were subsequently analyzed and interpreted, helped us to know the impact of entrepreneurial development in our economy in the area of job opportunities, social amenities and the like. Consequently, the researcher found out that entrepreneurship attributes so much in our economy positively such as ; - enough produce - provision of employment opportunities - production for exportation - increase in our foreign exchange earnings. - Growth of small and medium scale industries. The researcher concluded, sequel to the result of the hypothesis tested which proved true entrepreneurship encourages large- scale production. Finally, the researcher recommended that the government should provide and keep proper watch the entrepreneurs as checks and balances. There should be increase in the proper utilization of credit facilities to enhance the growth of entrepreneurship in Eboyi state, and the like


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