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This research work discussed the management function, which is used in achieving desired results through efficiency utilization of human and material resources. It is intended to be problem solved and revealing the management and subordinates as well. I have organized this work in chapters to enable full discussion in each area selected. This first chapter deals with the introduction general background to the subject matter, problem associated with the subject matter, problems that the study will be concerned with, the importance of studying the area, definitions of important terms and references. This chapter reveals the reasons of the research work to enable the reader to know the area of coverage. The second chapter is concerned with the literature review, the origin of the subject area, school of thought within the subject area, the school of thought relevant to the problem of study, difference methods of studying the problems, summary and references. This chapter tells us the meaning of the word we are dealing with, how it was seen by some management theorists, reasons for performance appraisals in organization. The final chapter, which is chapter, three reveals the conclusions, data presentation (highlights of the study) analysis of the data, recommendation, conclusion and references of their research work. This chapter is very vital because it explains the result of the research work and give suggestions on what should be done and what should not be done depending on the finds of the researcher


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