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No man is an island; collectively we have been able to make a thorough research on how effective pension scheme in both the civil and public sectors of the Nigerian economy has been beneficial or just a mirage to the Nigerian workers; thus a case study of Enugu state. In the first case, the purpose of the stuffy shall be looked at. As an overview, the aim of this study as to look at the impact of pension schemes on a sector of Nigerian workers of this public servants and how effectively this pension arrangement would be made so as to cover every sphere of there problem in relation to this. So, the purpose stretches from the important of a proper pension arrangement and how best it shall be implemented to affect a proper working of the plan. The method of study is purely on both qualitative and quantitative basis. But in particularity, the table analysis was used for the analysis of the data collection. The third part of the project, death on method of data collection which was purely on interview; so the response from the interview as used a data per analysis for the research work. The last part deals with basically the major pounding. This shall be merit viewed as follows the factors which militate against the effective administration of pension scheme in the country which may include: irregular payment of benefits lack of enlightment programme etc. in our findings, the following recommendation could ensure a need for regular review of prisoners the manpower needed making the scheme to be contributory etc.


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