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I investigated the factors that contributed to pollution in Enugu metropolis. The aim of this research was to find out the effects of pollution to the life of the society and also to view the possible causes of this pollution, and make recommendations for eliminating the problems from all its roots and branches. The following research questions were used for the research. 1. What are the various types of pollution? 2. Identify the common sources of pollution 3. To know the causes of environmental pollution 4. What are the effects of this pollution on human life. 5. To find out it these is any possible control measures of environmental pollution. 6. What are the possible remedies to this? The area of study (Enugu metropolis) was divided into 8 sections out of which 5 persons were sampled from each section making a total of 40 Persons. Copies of the questionnaire were used to collect data that were personally administration to the respondents by the researchers. In analyzing the data collected, simple percentages were used. Based on the analysis, these are some the findings made. 1. There has been considerable feeling that the public health (ENSEPA) had not taken a strong stand against pollution and is still weak when it comes to enforcement. 2. The dwellers of Enugu metropolis are suffered from the heart following problem of pollution. 3. Pollution of air crises from refuses which are disposed off by open burning or incineration. 4. There is gross negative by government agents in controlling the menace of pollution in Enugu metropolis. 5. There had been an increase in death that is as a result of an increase in the menace of pollution. Some of the recommendations made include. 1. The governmental should adopt a strong law against indiscriminate disposal of refuse. 2. The public need education and enlightenment on the for a healthy environment. 3. Refuse burning should be restricted to incinerator. 4. There should be constant inspection of streets by ENSEPA especially or clean-up days. When this is done pollution would definitely be a thing of past in Enugu metropolis and Enugu State in general and high standards of living will be restored.


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