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This is a research work, which examines the improvement of customer service in the Nigerian Banking Industry. A case study of UBA Plc. Agbani Road Enugu. To guide this study the following five research questions and two hypothesis tested were formulated: what are the characteristics of staff and customer of UBA Plc Agbani Road Enugu? To what extent are the human and material resources adequate to achieve effective functionality in UBA Plc? To what extent are the objectives and aims of the UBA Plc are being achieved? What are the relationship between UBA Plc staff and customer of the branch? To what extent are the complaints of non-satisfactory services from customer affect the operation of the bank? Ho: there is no significant difference at 0.5 in the perception of customers and staff on whether the service received in the bank meets the needs and interest of the customers. Ho: management is not the cause of bank low performance. A structured questions developed by the researcher was administered to a total of 53 customers and staff of the UBA Plc Agbani Road Enugu. The data collected were analyzed using chi-square method. The major findings were among: - 1. Most of the resources both human and materials are not available for effective functionality of the services. 2. Majority of its service had not improved. 3. A great deal of improvement needs to be made in the service rendered. 4. Majorities of the customers of UBA Plc Agbani Road Enugu are savings deposits. Based on the findings, the major recommendations were as follows: enough manpower should always be placed at the counter to attend to customer’s inquiries / needs, quality / status of the counter clerks and cashiers should be raised so that shorter time is spent by customers in carrying out this transaction. The infrastructural needs be improved. E.g. computerization of savings department. The bank should encourage staff to enhance in the educational qualification


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