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The Nigeria society is a rapid transition in addition to the inevitable and usually gradual transformation processes that affect all social system, the institutions economic political, legal of the Nigeria society are being debatably and hurriedly reformed to avoid the pit falls of the past Momentous decision are being made now programme established and new strategies adopted all in an effort to achieve a new social order. The above quotation from paper on crisis management presented by mark Anikpo has been chosen as a good starting point for this study. One of the on going strategies to do this is the reform being introduced in to the local government system by the office of the chief of general staff to prepare the local government as an effective third tier of government. Usually such rapid reforms tend to be prone to one from of organizational crisis or another crisis here refers to a unusual situation the out come of which is uncertain or capable of generating system it crisis out of the inherent disposition of the system to disturb the political and administration process by its decision or operations. It often arises from situational uncertainties and inadequacies. These could be power tussle inadequate funds or times to execute all envisage project psychological discommendation of the populace and its rejection of the proposal reforms. There full implication of established programmers or a deliberate dinging to police established primarily to protect institution class relations.


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