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The impact of communication as a managerial tool for efficient organizational performance, the study of hand would be based on the relationship between communication and its effect on performance. It will be clear that employees will increase performance with communication efficiency and effectiveness. These would be explained through the use of questionnaire to be given to them and from the secondary data to visit. The world today is a global village because of communication and this result to increase productivity or efficient and effective performance. There has not bee a cordial relationship between workers and employers in view age long. In some firms, there has been misunderstanding, conflicts, confusion, frustration and disputes between employees and employees because of policies. Communication gab between superior and subordinates should be enhanced. The performance appraisal can help improve communication in the work place. The need to construct dialogue between the superior and subordinated, most organizations complain of low performance or output while employees complains of ill-treatments. The data presented and analysed gives insights to communication and is considered as a tool to organizational performance and there are problems affecting effective communication to organizational performance. Some steps were being taken that will result in industrial peace in most organizations for the economic well-being. However, industrial unrest still exists. The earlier the organizations find out what some of the employees have as dissatisfies the better their industrial harmony and productivity. Communication should be seen as business life line with this performance appraisal can help improve communication in the work place. There is need for dialogue between the subordinate. The sample size is 300 and they have various view which have been humanized with the following findings and objectives. (1) Communication motivates workers to performance is in line to the theory and practice of various management in integration and coordination of the job. (2) Hierarchy of authority on which to control the administration through the established chain of commands. (3) The use of network in the operation is very important in certain duties and cannot be ignored such as Y network, circle network, star network chain network etc all help to increase performance. (4) Communication motivates workers to be energies in the performance o their duties as a team and individual and prepare to exercise. (5) Test of hypothesis shows that communication is considered as a tool to organization performance. (6) Problems still affect effective and efficient communication as shown in the test of hypothesis. Base on these findings a general assumption can therefore be made so that success of any can be handle and resolves problems affecting communication effectiveness and efficiency for organization performance and communication is a tool to organization performance.


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