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This study aims at identifying the career opportunities open to adult education graduates in Enugu State. As a guide to the study, some research question is posed based on the following. Identifying people’s awareness of these adult education graduates and their job potentials. Whether they are embracing this new programme in the field of learning with enthusiasm. And if they are aware of job opportunities available for them. Whether the employers of labour are also aware of these people content in this regard. Questionnaires items are used to obtain data from four groups of people, who are: employers of labour, adult educators, adult education undergraduates and adult education graduates. The data collected are analyzed using chi-square statistical formula to analyze them. The following among other things are:- 1. The graduates (adults) are not aware of their job potentials and even where they can find such job other than teaching. 2. People are aware of these people’s potentials including the employers of labour. 3. That people embraces the programme with enthusiasm. Based on the above findings the following recommendations were made: That NUCAE should be involved in creating awareness to people and the employers. There should be oneness in teaching sector to avoid non-indigene syndrome. Companies should send their staff for further training to take jobs that are storage to them. There should be constant review of teaching style in these instructions to match the even increasing change of today’s affairs. And many others.


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