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This project is centering on business and corporate social responsibilities as it relates to Nigeria Gas Company (NGC), Warri Delta State. Its aim is examining the impact of the system on the entire operation of the company as it relates to customers, employees, government and the society at large in which it operates. The objective of corporate social responsibility to any business organisation is to ensure that the interest of the contributors are maintained, e.g. the government, customers, shareholders and the society itself. The scope of the research is limited to Nigeria Gas Company, Warri Delta State. And how the lives of people within the social environment of the business are being cater for. In this respect, the work is divided into five chapters. Chapter one is centering on the introductory aspect which is mainly focus on the scope (i.e. where the researchers focus their attention), objective (i.e. reasons for the study), importance and the limitation of the study. Chapter two deals on the review of related literature which focus on the main body of the work, the need for business organisation to be socially responsible, forms of social responsibilities and their effect on the society or communities, problems hindering the acceptance of social responsibilities and possible solution to the problem hindering social responsibilities. Chapter three focuses on methodology, introduction, method of data collection and the sample collection. Chapter four concentrates on the method of analysis and data presentation. Lastly, chapter five is centering on the findings, conclusion and recommendations.


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