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This research is focused on assessment of criteria for the promotion of employees in the Alo Aluminum Company and possibly finding or recommendation better promotion programmes for the company. The research made use of both secondary and primary data for the development of the project. The secondary data were collection by reaching through the journals magazines, textbook etc. all these helped to argument the one’s collected through interviews, personnel observation and questionnaire. The primary data were collected through personnel observation, interview and questionnaire were administered to the staff of Alo company the purpose of the study were as follows: ? To ascertain to what extent Alo Company have installed promotion programme. ? To verity who and who are to be promoted. ? To ascertain the criteria for such promotion and if the Company complies with it ? To determine the aim of the promotion programmes. ? To make necessary recommendation. In the analysis and presentation of data, I made use of chi-square from the data collected and analysis. The findings are summarized as follows. There is lack of understanding of the objectives of promotion and it’s benefit to both the employee’s and the organization. The promotion system of the organization was satisfactory but needed some adjustment for improvement. Finally, the recommendation of this study is that the company should identify the promotion need of the staff and it could be done through performance appraisal. Also the company should ensure proper administration of promotion programmes by removing all administration lapses and bottlenecks.


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