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The research work looks at the Application Total Quality Management Techniques in the manufacturing sector of Nigerian Economy, a case study of Emenite Ltd Emene Enugu. Questionnaire were distributed randomly to staffs of Emenite in other to obtain information necessary to answer the three (3) hypotheses questions. The data obtained were analysed by the use of frequency distribution and percentage and the results were presented in tables. The researcher find out that total quality management is a prerequisite for reducing errors and unproductive activities in the organization. It was also discovered that for efficiency and effectiveness in the organizational performance total quality management must be adherence to strictly and followed to the later. Also find out that TQM is a new concept in Nigeria manufacturing industries. From the analysis of data collected through questionnaires and personal interview, some problems were identified. These include; the success a good total quality management in an organization depends very much on the quality of management and supervisory personnel in the organization. Planning and measurement are half hazardly done and this is a major prerequisite for the successful implementation of TQM. From the research, it is quite obvious that TQM goes beyond managers rendering lip service to conventional service quality wisdom. It also transcend a mysterious process, the success of which depends on an elusive combination of organizational, cultural or market management process which produces results through adherence to a clear well-articulated and consistent methodology. The research work is divided into five chapters. Chapters one discuss the background of the study, statement of problems, objective of the study and draw three hypotheses, which was duly analysed in chapter four. Chapter two and three discuss the relevant literature review and the research design and methodology respectively. Whole chapter five was on the findings, summary and recommendation. Finally, this is a relatively new area. More research is needed here by professional management parishioners to get a more general view of what Total Quality Management practice in the manufacturing industry is about especially now that the system of government in Nigeria, which is democracy, is greatly favouring the manufacturing sector through its policies on ban on importation


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