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This research work aims at critically evaluating the process of production and the extent to which the installed capacity of Nigerian breweries is utilized. The study traced the historical development of the company its range of product and the extent which its capacity is utilized. In collecting data for the research, two sources of data collection were used. They are primary and secondary data sources. The primary data were got through personal outer view and observations. While secondary data were collected from Nigerian breweries Plc Enugu and other relevant materials and information centers. From the analysis of the data collected, the following findings were made: 1. There is problem with the acquisition of spare parts because of the ` prohibitive price of foreign exchange. 2. Poor maintenance of frequent machine breakdown. Statistics are not kept on the performance of machine. 3. Inadequate of raw materials which is one of the factors to the full utilization of the installed capacity. 4. Power failure breakdown on the production process. Despite the installation of 15 – mega watts electric generating plant as a safeguard against intermittent power supply from national electric power authority (NEPA) the company still suffer from power supply problem. Based on the above findings, the following recommendations were offered after analyzing. 1. The rate of breakdown of machineries will prevent the [purchase of out model. Recommendation of periodic maintenance of machine should be adopted to reduce incidence of breakdown. 2. There is high cost of certain items, like beer which makes the consumption low. It was recommended that the company should be dong an objective pricing if its goods so that it does not price itself out of the market. 3. There is not enough training and development of staffs for the proper handing of the facilities of production industries it was recommended that enough training and development of staff should be provided the company. It will enable them to shift emphasis on keeping track of manufacturing line cost to facilities of production.


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