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This research project is a very crucial study of advertising practices in hotel management. A case study of Nelrose Hotel Asaba. The study also seeks to investigate the constraining factors of advertising in hotel management. It equally tried to find out if hotel management undertakes advertising in view of its true practices. In the process of solving this research problem both primary and secondary data were collected. The research instruments used in collecting data were questionnaires and interviews. The respondents comprised of the customers and staff of the hotel. In organizing and presenting data collected, table of frequency distribution and percentage were used. The various formulated hypothesis were tested using chi-square formula. Through data analysis and interpretation the findings were made; there is a reasonably increase in customers patronage in Nelrose hotel due to advertising they carry out; the major factor that constrains Nelrose hotel from advertising is lack of income; Nelrose Hotel does not have enough budgets for advertising. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that: (1) Though there is a noticeable increase in customers’ patronage due to advertisement management of the above, hotel should not relent, they should even use other promo-tools to search for more customers to meet their organisation goal. (2) Nelrose hotel should source fund to solve its advertising problems. (3) Nelrose hotel management should increase their advertising budget. The conclusion of the study is that if the above recommendations are well applied they will go a long way in helping Nelrose hotel in the science and art of Hotel management, particularly in its advertising activities.


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