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The topic stress has come into being since the creation of man. However, the activities of man in organization seems to be the cause of his problem as want at times pressure or urgency by trying to engage in complex and difference task. The primary data would be the information gotten by researcher when he the researcher conducted and oral interview and researched questionnaire contribution to officials or department heads of Hallmark Bank and Rd based on research questionnaire namely: Section A” whether organizational defective has any influence on managers stress and section B” whether managers individuals problems contributed into stress and is nork load a cause of stress in Hallmark Bank. (All those would form part of the proved hypothesis assumption. Secondary data would be gotten from human relations at works such as: a. Managers evaluation reports b. Managers social status c. Managers safely measures To know how a manager uses his annual leave. However, modern managers are inexperienced in term of using their leisure time appropriate. This is due to as a result of not being aware of “Work Bridge” which normally results to defective in manager’s health in using leisure time to complete part of his official job. Also the researcher would look into the problem of planning to see if the managers inability to plan ahead is also one of the resultant problem of stress. Based on these findings. The research would be able to know where managers were best oriented through (training) as whatever job they found themselves. There is enough time, and other relaxation scheme. Also there is recreational programme as off duty, vocation, medical check-up, leave allowance and regular exercise as a means to ease lesion an from the above findings would recommendation on made.


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