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This research work deals with “a place of motivation as a tool in increasing workers output”. This project was carried out to enlighten the workers in delta state polytechnic, Ozoro. This project work is divided into five (5) chapters. Chapter one gives the general introduction of what our study wishes to find out. It covers introduction, background of the study of workers in delta state polytechnic, Ozoro. The statement of the problem, objectives and significance of the study as well as definition of terms. Chapter twp also deals with the literature review, which looks at the concept of motivation, motivational approaches, the Nigeria perspective, method / technique of motivational output, the relationship between motivation and output, importance’s of motivation and its benefit. Chapter three is all about research methodology, it has research design, population of the study, sample / sampling techniques, sample size, sources of data collection, method of data analysis, validity of instrument was directly from the source. Chapter four deals with the presentation and analysis of data, the major instrument used was questionnaire, information was analyzed on each table and re – emphasis, by explaining the table. Lastly, chapter five was all about recommendations were made based on the findings and conclusion. Finally, efforts was made to make the work very interesting and it is hoped that the work will be of tremendous help generally to the workers in delta state polytechnic , Ozoro.

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