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The concept of personnel management functions in an organization has been a controversial management system and is so much misunderstood among rank and files. This study surveyed a critical appraisal of the function of personnel management in Business Organization. A case study of Beta Glass Company, Ughelli. The workers of the organization formed the population of study while 100 respondents were randomly selected as the sample. Structure questionnaire was used as a major instrument for data collection twenty two items questionnaire was validated through observation by the project supervisor and the reliability of the instrument ascertained. The research questions were analyse using simple percentage while the hypothesis formulated were tested by simple chi-square. The result showed that majority of the respondents favoured personnel functions. Personnel management function encourage business organization to grow, to increase in productivity, industrial peace. It showed that organization cannot run their affair without personnel function. It also shows that it has good input to Beta Glass Company among others. Finally, the study recommended that personnel department should not be look at as a union pacifier or a welfare department but rather a department which has distinct role to contribute to the up bringing of an organization. Systematic formal training should be organized to equip personnel practitioners for the smooth performance of their functions among others

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