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The major purpose of this research project is to find out the critical appraisal of effective management strategies of industrial workers in Nigeria. The research attempt to look into the various definition of industries, the roles of managers and the various resources available to industries. The critical and prevalent areas where industries mismanagement takes its root were indentified, which includes not seeking of proper behavioural information to effectively recruit, select and manage the human resources from Nigerian workers, poor policy towards protecting and maintaining the value of industrial assets through obsolete equipment replacement or industrial liability to positively be responsive to the dynamic external environment. Other highlighted areas include inventory management, budgeting control and in appropriate downsizing response to recurrent economics malaise and operations automation without ascertaining the right underlying process e.t.c. furthermore, the casual factors of industrial management are made up of bad credit control, assigning of responsibilities without commensurate authorities, lack of empowering people with delegate, cashflow problem, not developing the human resources, lack of accountability, bad government policies and lack of innovativeness e.t.c also the consequential of industry or industrial management on Nigerian workers are broken homes, lower morale, embittered stigma, carrier disruption, induced psychological trauma, motivation, redundancy/retrenchment of workers, and frequent labour turnover e.t.c the research designed used for the study is the description survey research design.


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