Young Shall Grow Motors: Branches and Contact Details

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young shall grow motors: branches and contact details
Young Shall Grow Motors is a popular transport company in Nigeria that offers all kinds of services related to transportation such as cargo, charter, inter-country transport, and inter-state transport services. This transport company is known for having comfortable transport vehicles such as executive buses, minivans, jeeps, and more. YSG renders their transport services in all the states of the Federation and to other countries in West Africa. Therefore, because of the necessities that may make someone to need the contact details and terminal locations of this company, we have compiled the list of Young Shall Grow terminals location and contact details.

Lagos State Branches Contact Details

MAZA MAZA Branch, Lagos Address – Old Ojo Road Branch Manager – Ten Ten Yaba Branch, Lagos Address – Yaba Phone No – 08055004872, 08033909566 Email – Mailyaba@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Yaba Manager Jibowu Branch, Lagos Address – Jibowu Roundabout Phone No – 07095138023 Email – Mailjibowu@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Cosmas Ikotun Branch, Lagos Address – Ikotun Email – Mailikotun@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ten Ten Iba Branch, Lagos Address – Iba Housing Estate Email – Mailibayoung@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Iba Manager Alaba Branch, Lagos Address – Alaba International Market, Ajangbadi Branch Manager – Paul Obi-Okoye Ojuelegba Branch, Lagos Address – Ojuelegba Phone No – 08033352485, 08055004769 & 0803889144 Email – Mailojuelegba@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ojuelegba Manager Ijora Branch, Lagos Address – Ijora under bridge, opposite Pepsi Cola depot. Phone No – 08033271430, 08055004767 Email – Mailijora@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ijora Manager Otto Branch, Lagos Address – Oyingbo Ijora Causeway, Otto Phone No – 08033332239, 08033280184, 08088644444 Email – Mailotto@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Otto Manager CELE-BUS-STOP Branch, Lagos Address – Cele bus stop Branch Manager – Cele Manager Ajah Branch, Lagos Address – Epe Road, Ajiwe, Ajah Phone No – 08069757342 Branch Manager – Ajah Manager First Gate Branch, Lagos Address – Festac First Gate, Maza-maza Email – Mailfirstgate@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ten Ten’ Alafia Branch, Lagos Address – Orile Igamu Road, Alafia Phone No – 08033834298 Email – Mailalafia@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Alafia Manager New Road Branch, Lagos Address – Baale Road, Wilmar Phone No – 08033302420, 08050004720 Email – Mailnewroad@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – New Road Manager Oshodi Branch, Lagos Address – Oshodi Isale Phone No – 08055004692, 08023181284 Email – Mailoshodi@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Arthur Agege Branch, Lagos Address – Agege Email – Mailagege@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Agege Manager Mile-12 Branch, Lagos Address – Mile-12 Market Branch Manager – Mile-12 Manager Ikorodu Branch, Lagos Address – Ikorodu- Shagamu Road, Ikorodu Email – MailAlabaalagoe@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ikorodu Manager

Abia State Branches/Terminals Contact Details

Aba Branch, Abia Address – Milverton Road, Aba Phone No – 08055004724 Email – Mailaba@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ezeanyawu Umuahia Branch, Abia Address – Umuahia Phone Number – 08068866176, 08054600345 Email – Mailumuahia@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Chima Ohafia Branch, Abia Address – Ohafia Phone No – 08068866176 Email – Mailohafia@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ohafia Manager Young Shall Grow Motors: Branches/Terminals and Contact Details For Adamawa State. Yola Branch, Adamawa Address – Jimeta Phone No – 08064821855 Email – Mailyola@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Yola Manager

Abuja Branches/Terminals Contact Details

Wuse Branch, Abuja Address – Wuse Zone 5 Phone No – 08034066992, 08055004867 Email – Mailabuja@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Obianika Kubawa Branch, Abuja Address – Kubawa Phone No – 08032550170 Email – Mailkubawa@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Kubawa Manager Young Shall Grow Motors: Branches/Terminals and Contact Details For Akwa-Ibom State. Uyo Branch, Akwa-Ibom Address – Uyo Email – Mailuyo@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Uyo Manager Oron Branch, Akwa-Ibom Address – Oron Email – Mailoron@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Oron Manager Young Shall Grow Motors: Branches/Terminals and Contact Details For Anambra State. Onitsha Branch, Anambra Address – Upper Iweka Phone No – 08033374545 Email – Mailonitsha@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Kenneth Obianodo Neni Branch, Anambra Address – Oye Market, Neni Email – Mailneni@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Neni Manager Nnewi Branch, Akwa-Ibom Address – Nnewi Email – Mailakwa@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Nnewi Manager Agulu Branch, Anambra Address – Nwagu Market Agulu Branch Manager – Agulu Manager Ekwulobia Branch, Anambra Address – Ekwulobia Email – Mailekwulobia@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ekwulobia Manager Umunze Branch, Anambra Address – Umunze Email – Mailumu@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Umunze Manager

Bauchi State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Bauchi Branch, Bauchi Address – Bauchi Email – Mailbauchi@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Nworah

Bayelsa State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Yenegoa Branch, Bayelsa Address – Yenegoa Branch Manager – Yenegoa Manager

Benue State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Gboko Branch, Benue Address – Gboko Email – email: Mailgboko@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Benue Manager Otukpo Branch, Benue Address – Otukpo Phone – 08000000000 Email: Mailgboko@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Otukpo Manager Makurdi Branch, Benue Address – Markurdi Email – Mailmakudi@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Markurdi Manager

Delta State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Asaba Branch, Delta Address – Asaba Email – 07030167080 Branch Manager – Asaba Manager

Ebonyi Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Abakaliki Branch, Ebonyi Address – Ebonyi Email – Mailabakaliki@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ebonyi Manager

Edo State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details For Edo State.

Benin Branch, Edo Address – Benin City Email – Mailbenin@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Benin Manager

Imo State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Akokwa Branch, Imo Address – Akokwa Branch Manager – Akokwa Manager Okigwe Branch, Imo Address – Opposite St Joseph Catholic Church Okigwe, Okigwe, Imo Phone No: 08039107526 Email – Mailokigwe@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Lawrence Anara Branch, Imo Address – Anara Email – Mailanara@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Anara Manager Owerri Branch, Imo Address – Douglas Road, Owerri Phone Number – 08060069773 Email – Mailowerri@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Patrick Mbaise Branch, Imo Address – Mbaise Email – Mailmbaise@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Mbaise Manager

Kano State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Kano Branch, Kano Address – Sabon Geri General Park’ Phone No – 08027391868, 08033282677 Email – Mailkano@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ukpaka

Borno State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Maiduguri Branch, Borno Address – Maiduguri Phone No – 08067779700 Email – MailMaiduguri@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Maiduguri Manager Maraba Branch, Nasarawa Address – Abuja- Keffi Road, Maraba Phone No – 07031565582 Email – Mailmaraba@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Austin

Niger Delta Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Minna Branch, Niger Address – Minna Email – Mailminna@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Minna Manager

Oyo State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details For Oyo

Ibadan Branch, Oyo Address – Iwo Road, Ibadan Phone No – 08037797090, 08079751771 Email – Mailibadan@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Elochukwu

Plateau State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Jos Branch, Plateau Address – Zaria By Pass, Jos Phone No – 08065587947 Email – Mailjos@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Udoye

Rivers State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Port-Harcourt Branch, Rivers Address – Waterlines And Obigbo, Port-Harcourt. Phone No – 08032753110 Email – Mailportharcourt@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Nchekwube

Sokoto Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Sokoto Branch, Sokoto Address – Sokoto Phone No – 08035765638 Email – Mailsokoto@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Mike Obi-Okoye

Zamfara Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Gusau Branch, Zamfara Address – Gusau Branch Manager – Gusau Manager

Yobe State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Damaturu Branch, Yobe Address – Damaturu Email – Maildamaturu@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Damaturu Manager

Cross River State Branches/Terminals and Contact Details

Calabar Branch, Cross-River Address – Mariam, Calabar Phone – 08037516687, 08055004717 Email – Mailmakudi@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Mr. Mike Ogoja Branch, Cross-River Address – Ogoja, Calabar Phone – 07030167080 Email – Mailogoja@ysgtransport.com Branch Manager – Ogoja Manager

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