Top 6 List Of Computer Professional Bodies In Nigeria And Their Functions

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Top 6 List Of Computer Professional Bodies In Nigeria And Their Functions
Hi there! This article is for professionals in the computing industry, the information technology, and system industry that are looking to join a professional body. There are many professional bodies in Nigeria for computer professionals and if you are interested in becoming a member of a professional body, you may find this article of useful importance because there are highlighted parts of their functions given below. This post will provide information on the top 6 list of computer professional bodies in Nigeria and their functions and also provide answers to questions like: What are the computer professional bodies and their functions? How many computer professional bodies are in Nigeria? What are professional bodies in computing? What are the examples of professional bodies?

Computer Professional Bodies In Nigeria And Their Functions

1. The Nigerian Computer Society (NCS)

The Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) was established in 1978 and was known then as the Computer Association of Nigeria (COAN). It is a professional body for Computer professionals in Nigeria that encompasses professionals in the Information Technology industry, Interest Groups and other stakeholders in Computing and Information Technology industry.

Functions of the Nigerian Computer Society

  • Promoting the education of Computer Engineers, Computer and Information Scientists, Information Technology and Systems Professionals in Nigeria, and Information Architects
  • Encouraging and promoting actively research work that will advance Information Technology and Systems, Computer and Information Science, and its practice
  • Promoting the exchange of information about the art and science of information processing and its management among computer and information professionals and the public
  • Promoting the development of competence by its members as well as encouraging and promoting of the integrity among its members who are involved in computing
  • Protecting and promoting the professional interests of registered members
  • Giving professional advice to its members, the government, the general public, and other competent authorities on both national and international matters that affects the computing industry and the information and systems technology industry
  • Building and promoting global affiliations
  • Serving as the sole representative of its members in all consultations and negotiations with all the arms of government (Federal, State, and Local) and their agencies on policy matters that affect the practice of the computing and information technology and systems industry
  • Contributing to policy making, the assessment, and development of educational and training curriculum related to the profession
  • Recognizing and advancing gender equality, protecting the interest of handicaps and the less privileged groups in the Computing and Information industry as contained in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Ensuring that the government recognizes the concepts and complex of issues encompassed in the โ€œDigital Divideโ€
  • Organizing and giving National Merit Awards to deserving registered members and other people promoting Information Technology

2. Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN)

The CPN was established in 1993 by Decree No. 49 of 1993. This corporate body is vested with the power to control and supervise the computing profession in Nigeria.

Functions Of The Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN)

  • Determining the standards of the knowledge and the skills that must be possessed by anyone going into the computing profession
  • To establish and maintain a register of professionals registered under the decree to practice the profession of computing in Nigeria and to publish a list of persons registered from time to time
  • Carrying out every other function that has been granted to it by the provisions of the decree which include:
    • Organizing and controlling the practice of computing in the country
    • Supervising the computing profession in Nigeria
    • Screening of all individuals who want to be registered as computer professionals
    • Screening and registering of all corporate organizations that are involved or wants to be involved in selling or using computing facilities and providing computing professional services in Nigeria
    • Maintaining high standards of professional ethics, professionalism, and discipline
    • Determine the academic standards in computing programmes/degrees such as computer engineering, computer science, information science, and so on
  • Accreditation of degree awarding institutions and their courses. And evaluation of the certificates in computing
  • Conducting of professional exams in conjunction with associations and bodies that are external to the council. Publishing of the activities of the council
  • Making publication of computing professional works such as books, journals, magazines, newsletters
These are the two major Computer Professional Bodies in Nigeria, other Computer Professional Bodies in Nigeria include;

3. Institute of Management Information System (IMIS)

4. Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN)

5. Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (CPRN)

6. Nigerian Internet Group (NIG)

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