What Are The Top 10 List Of Most Developed And Cleanest Cities In Africa

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This post will provide information on "What are the top 10 list of most developed and cleanest cities in Africa?" as well as provide answers to questions like: What is the cleanest country in Africa 2020? What is the most developed city in Africa? Which is the most cleanest country in Africa? Which city is the most dirty city in Africa?

1. Kigali In Rwanda

This is Rwanda’s largest and most populous city. Kigali which happens to be Rwanda's capital city is the cleanest city in Africa due to the fact that all residents are passionate to keep their city clean.

2. Port Louis In Mauritius

Port Louis which is the capital of Mauritius is a beautiful and clean city in Africa. This is due to the effort of the city council of Port Louis which is constantly keeping the city clean and sanitized. In terms of air quality, the city only competes against Scandinavian cities as the standard of Port Louis council is very high compared to most other cities in the world.

3. Cape Town In South Africa

This is an outstanding South African city which has won a lot of international travel awards for its impressive nature and people. The cleanliness of Cape Town city can be attributed to the Solid Waste Management Department which has the target of ensuring general cleanliness in streets and public spaces. That’s why Cape Town’s beaches are among the cleanest beaches in the world.

4. Tunis In Tunisia

Tunis cleanliness is as a result of residents being always encouraged to rely more on renewable energy sources, including solar energy, wind energy, biofuels, and other areas. People are also shifting towards using bicycles and electric vehicles that help Tunis getting closer to becoming a green city.

5. Windhoek In Namibia

Besides all German beer and sausages being served on every corner of Windhoek’s, the city's municipality is always engaging the local communities in solid waste management, to keep its environs tidy. This city is said to be clean, relatively safe, and easy to move around. Inspired by Germany in its architecture and street names, Windhoek is the only place in Africa where people can speak German!

6. Dar es Salaam In Tanzania

This city lies beside the Indian ocean which makes it very beautiful and cute. Currently, half of the city and surrounding areas are covered with trees and shrubs that absorb carbon dioxide and release large amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere. Considerable importance is also given to the cleaning of reservoirs.

7. Gaborone In Botswana

Africa’s most democratic nation is also home to one of the cleanest cities in Africa. Gaborone is blessed with a powerful economy that is paired with a wise municipality that is constantly educating residents of ways to recycle, compost, and reuse which is why the city is so clean.

8. Algiers In Algeria

The capital of Algeria is nicknamed “Paris of North Africa” because of its breathtaking European-style buildings which are mixed with Arabian architecture which contributes to its beauty and cleanliness.

9. Nairobi In Kenya

Nairobi is famous as “Green City in the Sun” because of its hills, valleys, and huge green parks . The inhabitants of the city often take public transit, or use bikes for commuting which decreased the amount of Carbon (II) Oxide emission significantly compared to similar cities of the same size. People in Nairobi are also very fond of composting and recycling waste and this contributes to the beauty and cleanliness of the city.

10. Libreville In Gabon

Gabon’s largest city lies on the Atlantic ocean shore. Libreville’s city hall has come up with a couple of innovative ideas to keep the city’s air clean, like increasing the car parking’s charge a lot that people get forced to rely more on public transport. A variety of green packs, tree plantations, and cyclist tracks are other remarkable features of the capital.

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