What Is The Secrete Behind The Numerous Twins Birth In Igbo-Ora Town In Nigeria?

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This post will provide information on "What is the secrete behind the numerous twins birth in Igbo-Ora own? History of Igbo-Ora, the town of twins, as well as provide answers to questions like: Why does Igbo-Ora have so many twins? What is Igbo-Ora known for? What is twins in Igbo? Which town in Nigeria has more twins?

History Of Igbo-Ora In Nigeria

Igbo-Ora also know as the "World's Twin Capital" is a city and the headquarters of Ibarapa Central, Oyo State, south-western Nigeria, situated 80 kilometers (50 miles) North of Lagos. In 2006 the population of the town was approximately 72,207 people. In 2017 the population is estimated to be around 278,514 people. Some believed that Obe Alade, a descendant of Alaafin of Oyo with his family migrated from Oyo town several centuries ago following a chieftaincy tussle and when he and his kinsmen lost the contest, (As usual in those days, once you lost any chieftaincy tussle, people tend to leave the town) was the founder the Town. Obe Alade and his kinsmen came with idols mainly Egungun and Alaale which they worshiped. Others believed that the town was founded when Lajorun, some heir to Oduduwa and nobody else but Oranmiyan’s great-grandson, was searching for a reliable escape from the Dahomean war that was taking place at that time. The trouble was one of those conflicts between different ethnic groups, which had already become usual through a good hundred of years. The ancient people had their sacred places where they worshiped their ancient gods. One was dedicated to praying for rains and another to praying for the birth of twin babies. It was considered that twins were sent by god to give their parents luck.

Reasons For Twins Birth In Igbo-Ora Town In Nigeria

There’s no family here that does not have at least a single set of twins. Some households have up to five twin sets. Researchers claim that the reason for this phenomenon is in a certain chemical found in the soil and transmitted into the cassava, Okra and yam which the locals eat in large quantities. This chemical causes multiple ovulation in women and causes the conception of twins practically each time a woman gets pregnant.

Economy Of Igbo-Ora Town In Nigeria

The main economic activity in Igboora is farming. Obasanjo farms is one of the major mechanized farms and engages in poultry, cash crops and fishery. Subsistent agriculture and hunting is pretty predominant also. Service-based industries include two banks, the Owotutu line of businesses and NITEL sub-station. Most salaried jobs revolve around teaching, local government employment and the few private based businesses. The West-North Abeokuta-Sokoto highway, which pass through the town, serves as a potential link to economic prosperity.

Eductional Growth Of Igbo-Ora Town In Nigeria

The "World's Twins Capital" places high values on education. This is evident in the establishment of 8 Public Schools including;
  • Igboora High School, Igbole
  • Methodist Grammar School, Sagan-un
  • Ogboja Grammar School, Pako
  • Lajorun High School, Oke Iserin
  • Lasogba High School, Idofin
  • Igboora Grammar School, Isale Oba
  • Iberekodo High School, Imeleke
  • Igboora Secondary School
  • 7 Private schools and colleges whih include;
    • Adegoke College, Abolonko Area, Iberekodo
    • Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School
    • Nawair - Ud - Deen Grammar School
    • Kastad Schools
    • Hopecrest College
    • Royal College, Orile, Igbo-ora
    • Favourland College, Pako
    and Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology as the only Post Secondary Institution in Igbo-Ora Town.

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