What is the Concept and Importance of ICT in Education

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In this article I'm going to discuss with you the concept and importance of ICT in education. The role of ICT in education has help to developed sound and vibrant skills, knowledge and ideas in the lives of student. we going discuss the advantage of ICT in education is to increase the modes of communication, increases teching method,security of information and fast communication.

What is ICT

The term ICT simply means technologies that has to do with information and communication. No need talking much about ICT because In today’s society there are form of ICT in our home or even our romms be it a plasma, TV, or mobile phones, they are all part of our everyday lives. This lifestyle is changing the way people communicate, interact and gather information . ICT is an acronym for information and communication technology. Information can come in sound, video, text, and images, sometimes a combination of all these, we do refer to such technology as mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras. . ICT comprises of technologies that can help people to communicate and manipulate information. students in developing and developed countries can't do without ICT.

The Importance of ICT in Education

The importance of ICT in education are listed as follows:
  • The importance of ICT in education is such that students in the classroom can all have access to essential material and special ICT tools. it also up new issues related to the digital world andproviding resources for those who are less fortunate
  • ICT increses communication speed such that students can can comunicate with each other and join various projects all around the world. It is also possible to learn about new cultures and languages without leaving their various destination. Students can exchange files between each other no matter the distance and space.
  • The use of ICT encourages collaboration. ICT actually brings children together where they can communicate and discuss what they are doing for their work, oing this opens up an avenue for communication thus leading to language development
  • The presence of ICT in education allows for new ways of learning for students and teachers. It does not only create opportunities for schools to ensure that students have access to curriculum materials whilst in the classroom but also allows them to ensure students outside the classroom such as at home or even in hospitals can learn
  • ICT Motivate young people because they will be drawn to technology news. To keep the attention of young students educators must use technology tools in their lectures. The internet has opened great possibilities for innovative ways and methods of studying
  • ICT in education improves engagement and knowledge retention. This is because technology provides different opportunities to make it more enjoyable in terms of teaching the same things in different method
  • It increases new Skills. A student can acquire any kind of skill with the use of technology. They can also learn new languages using modern technologies without having any educator around them! It is even possible to use their skills right away when they known what they are doing and its basis
  • ICT promotes thinking skills which includes evaluating, planning, monitoring, and reflecting. The effective use of ICT in education demands skills such as explaining and justifying the use of ICT in producing solutions to problems

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