What is Stress and Best Practices for Stress Management

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Stress is any unbearable condition that affects the stability of your health. Everyday in life, you are always occupied with one activity or the other and these activities may come with a lot of hard work that will result to overused of your energy, strength e.t.c hence making you to be stressed out.

What is Stress Management

In the world of stress, stress management refers to the different strategies developed, planned for the purpose of reducing the effect of stress in someone's life.

How to Manage Stress

1. Muscle Relaxation Stress makes your body muscles to stretch tight or rigid and make you become uncomfortable. However, doing any of these; massage, taking good, having a nice deep sleep or stretching your body can help relax the muscles. 2. Avoid Things that Causes Stress Can you really prevent yourself from being stressed out? Yes! Most times is we that always cause stress to ourselves. When you have done a particular task at one time and discovered that you were weigh down as a result of the task, next try as much as possible to avoid such tasks. 3. Practice Division of Labour Never assume that you have all the strength and all it takes to finish any task ahead you. Trust me, it is always better better to share it with others. Perhaps, it will make the job finished on time and little of energy might be used to complete task that requires your 100% strength and manpower. 4. Always Take Break If you are the type that always like to work without setting a resting time aside, then is very bad. Always try as much as possible to rest no matter how busy you might be. Taking rest and eating before resuming the work will not avoid being stressed out but will as well as renew your strength, energy again. 5. Feed Well Before Starting Work Food is the source of energy. When you lack adequate food required by your body system will make you frail and less energetic. Therefore always eat enough before any heavy task you ought to embark on. 6. Take A Bath After Work It is a good practice for you to always take your bath after work no matter what as this will help to relax your body system and muscles as well as make you regain enough strength and healthy. 7. Develop Attitude of Swimming Swimming can help to free your body muscles, build your body and makes it healthy as it is another form of exercise. Swimming can also help you feel relaxed, forget your aggressions as well as calm your breathing. 8. Avoid Overthinking Loading your yourself with too much thinking can make you cause restless and distressed. In fact, excessive worrying and overthinking create feelings of distress and restlessness that may lead to anxiety or depression you are not careful. However, taking back control of your thoughts is the key to feeling peaceful again. 9. Know When You Are About To Exhaust Your Strength Most people are the ones that cause stress to themselves. They work without knowing the limit of their strength and when to stop. Do not be that man who is ready to work until the whole body break down. Examine your strength, breathe, weakness as you work. Always be able to identify when you are about to get exhausted of your strength then take a rest. 10. Prepare Ahead of Scheduled Tasks One of the major factor that makes people to overstressed themselves is as a result of rush or deadline. Always make sure that you start the work the moment it has been issued in other to be able to get it done gradually as well as have enough time for rest when the need arises.


If you can’t identify the main causes of your stress, try keeping a stress note. Make note of when you become most anxious and see if you can determine a pattern, then find ways to remove or lessen those triggers.

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