List Of Amazing And Breath-taking Cities in Nigeria 2021

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Hi there! If you are planning a summer holiday and you are contemplating on which of the states or cities Nigeria you would like to visit, search no more because this write up is for you. It will interst you to know that cities in Nigeria are extremely beautiful and breath-taking. The reason why you are still insulting our great country Nigeria and choosing other countries abroad is because you have not been to some beautiful cities across the country. This article will provide the list of amazing and breath-taking cities in Nigeria 2021, the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, the most popular cities in Nigeria as well as the most visited cities in Nigeria.

1. Ancient City Of Ibadan

Ancient City Of Ibadan
The first on my list is the ancient city of Ibadan which is the capital of Oyo State. The ancient city of Ibadan is Located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is densely populated with so many industrial and commercial activities. This city has the first advanced learning institution – the University of Ibadan, the first skyscraper (Cocoa house) and the first teaching hospital in Africa. This city is known for tourism too, with a remarkable museum in the African study institution, botanical and zoological garden in Agodi and in the University of Ibadan. The ancient city of Ibadan is one of the amazing and breath-taking cities in Nigeria.

2. The City Of Abuja

The City Of Abuja
The city of Abuja is one of the most developed and most amazing cities in Nigeria. Abuja is Nigeria’s seat of power and it is believed that in Abuja is a home for all. There are different kinds of breath-taking places in Abuja that will make your visit memorable. Places like Jabi Lake and Millennium Park are really cool spots to unwind and have fun. For folks who love to shop, some of the big shopping stores in Abuja will give you value for your money. For those who have not seen the zuma rock physically before, a trip to the city Abuja will convince you.

3. The City Of Jos

The City Of Jos
The city of Jos is the capital of Plateau State in the Northern part of Nigeria. The city of Jos is one of the amazing and most beautiful cities in Nigeria due to the cool and friendly weather condition and the breath-taking environment. The people are really accommodating and the standard of living is very affordable. it boasts a number of attractions including two museums, a wildlife park and game reserve, breathtaking waterfalls and striking hills and the 10 commandments statue. This is one city in Nigeria that can maintain your skin color as well as lighten your skin if you are dark-skinned naturally without using expensive cream.

4. The City Of Calabar

The City Of Calabar
The city of calabar is the capital of Cross River state Southern Nigeria is home to a variety of attractions such as Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort. The city is watered by the Great Kwa and Calabar rivers and attracts visitors with its array of tasty delicacies, beautiful architecture and festivals. Every year, Calabar hosts Africa’s biggest street party known as the Calabar Carnival, where diverse colourful cultural costumes are displayed. The city of Calabar always comes to the mind of tourists and those who which to go on a vacation trip and that is why it is one of the amazing and breath-taking cities in Nigeria.

5. The City of Minna

The City of Minna
The city of Minna is the capital of Niger Stae located in the west-central part of Nigeria. History has it that the city of Minna was a labour camp for railway construction and this led to the gradual development of the town to the major commercial city it is today. This town is not densely populated and it has a blend of several cultures and lifestyles. Minna has some notable tourist sites which include; the Gurara Falls, Baro Port, The Wushishi Transway Engine (first railway locomotive engine) and others, like Kainji Lake National Park which is not too far from the city. I belt you would scream your breath out on entry the city of Minna.

6. The City Of Enugu

The City Of Enugu
The city of Enugu is the capital of Enugu State located at Eastern Nigeria and is popularly known as ‘the coal city’ due to its mining activities. The city is one of the oldest urban areas within the region and the locals here are involved in agriculture, along with the mining of coal and other solid minerals. Enugu is loved by so many, not just for coal but for its notable tourist destinations like Awhum Waterfall and the famous Nmanwu Cultural Festival. In general, the city is highly commercialised and life in Enugu is affordable.

7. The City Of Port Harcourt

The City Of Port Harcourt
The city of Port Harcourt is the capital of River State located in the southern part of Nigeria. This city of Port Harcourt was described as a “centre of black jewel”and is known for its level of commerce as far back as 1912 due to the presence of the seaports used for exporting. It is home to so many multinational companies, most of which are affiliated with oil and gas. Port Harcourt is home to many tourist sites such as Isaac Boro Park, Bony Island and Ifoko Beach. If you have not been to the city of Port Harcourt, you should try and visit the city.

8. The City Of Uyo

The City Of Uyo
The city of Uyo is the capital of Akwa Ibom located in Southern Nigeria with a cool and calm environment. The city of Uyo was once labelled the neatest city in Nigeria and a major oil-producing state in the country. The inhabitants are predominantly farmers and traders with the increased level of infrastructural growth and human development. Some amazing and breath-taking places to look out for are the Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort and Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre.

9. The City Of Kano

The City Of Kano
The city of Kano is the capital of Kano state in Northern Nigeria and is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Nigeria. The city boasts an international airport and a number of tourist attractions, including Bagauda Lake/Tiga Lake Resort, Gidan Makama Museum and Kofar Mata Dyeing Pit among others. The major annual festival is the Durbar Festival hosted by the Emir of Kano to mark and celebrate the two annual Muslim festivals Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Most of the inhabitants of the city of Kano are farmers which is no surprise since Kano is considered to be extensively irrigated with over three million hectares of land suitable for agriculture.

10. The City Of Warri

The City Of Warri
The city of Warri is one of the biggest cities in Delta State and is located on the lower Niger/Delta coastline. It is not the state capital but is the most popular city and has a lot of history compared to its capital, Asaba. The city of Warri is famous for its traditional kingdom that dates back as far as the 15th and 16th centuries. It’s a port town that has a lot of industrial activities including oil and steel. Tourism here is huge thanks to attractions like the Palace of the Olu of Warri, Koko Red Mangrove Swamp, ShopRite shopping mall, plenty of beaches and resorts.

11. The City of Lagos

The City Of Lagos
The city of Lagos is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria and is known for commerce, filled with industries from all economic sectors. There is no doubt that the city of Lagos is definitely one of the most amazing and breath-taking cities in Nigeria. This mega-state is separated by water bodies into two main parts: island and mainland. The nightlife in this city is as busy as the day, painted with many malls, clubs, restaurants and beaches. Visitors will always have a first-class experience whether buying, selling or simply exploring its local and international markets. The coastline alone makes Lagos an amazing place to be.

12. The City Of Ilorin

The City Of Ilorin
The city of Ilorin is the capital of Kwara State located in the North Central region of the country. It is not a popular city but is surprisingly one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Nigeria. The city of Ilorin has an international cargo airport, a 20,000 capacity stadium and a standard baseball court. The city of Ilorin is blessed with several natural resources and the standard of living is affordable. Pottery and traditional textile industry, among others, are thriving businesses there. Tourist attractions in the area include the Esie Museum and the stately Sobi Hill.

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