What is Secondary Memory in Computer: Advantages and Disadvantages of Secondary Memory

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Before we talk about secondary memory, what is computer memory? In a brief and short answer, it is a place where data or information can be permanently or temporarily stored. Learn more about computer memory

Secondary Memory

This is a type of memory that does not require power (non-volatile) to maintain or retain data, programs, files and applications stored in it. It can also be called external storage device.
what is computer secondary memory
The CPU has no business with this type of memory because it is very slow during data/information retrieval. Rather, if the CPU needs any information, then the information would have to be transferred to the main or primary memory by the Operating System where the CPU can easily and quickly access the desired information or data.. These memories can either be installed on the motherboard via port or be connected externally via USB e.t.c. Examples of this type of memory is harddisk, flashdrive, memory card e.t.c

Characteristics of Secondary Memory

Some characteristics of secondary memory are:
  1. It is slower than main memory
  2. It can retain data stored in it even if the device is turned off
  3. It is a backup memory
  4. It is non-volatile
  5. It is a magnetic memory

Advantages of Secondary Memory

Below are some advantages of secondary memory:
  1. It can be used to extend storage capacity of a computer device
  2. It does not rely on power to retain its files
  3. It is cheaper to acquire compared to main memory
  4. It is used for backup of files
  5. It can be used to transfer files from one system to another e.g flashdrive

Disadvantages of Secondary Memory

Some disadvantages of secondary memory are:
  1. It is slower compared to main memory
  2. It can't be used for storing data and instructions currently in process by the computer system

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