History Of Radio In Nigeria

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This post will provide information on the history of radio in Nigeria as well as provide answers to questions like: When was the radio first invented? How was the radio discovered? What is the first radio?Who started radio broadcasting?

The Early Years Of Radio In Nigeria

In 1896 marconi started radio broadcasting with the invention of the first wireless telegraph link which took years since then for the first radio broadcasting to establish but it was hard to detect words from music. In December 1906, the first voice and music sound was heard over radio waves and were transmitted from Brant Rock. During the World War 1, the radio pursuit grew more and the the use of earphones and hearing of voices and music are also magical, the military used it almost exclusively and it became an invaluable tool in sending and receiving messages to the armed forces in real time, without the need for a physical messenger.

Further Innovations On Radio In Nigeria

Only few people heard about these early broadcast cause most people barely heard about them because the only receivers that ere available were those made by hand by the enthusiasts. These receivers in the early years were mostly crystal sets that uses a tiny piece of lead sulfide known as the "cat's whisker" which is used to detect radio signals. In the early 1917, Herrold in the United States continue when federal government restrictions forced most radio transmitters off the air for the rest of World War I, stalling the growth of the medium. Radio technology uses radio waves transmitted through space.

When Was The First Radio Transmission Recorded?

On November 6, 1919 one of the first world’s radio broadcast services began in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In 1921 the first Mexican radio station aired in the capital city. Unauthorized broadcasts sometimes triggered the government officials, as in England, where concern was raised over interference with official government and military sounds. Amateurs developed the means and simply began to broadcast, sometimes not. As they became more proficient, they would announce schedules maybe an hour. When more radio stations took to the air in different cities in 1920–1921 broadcasting got an important boost in the huge American market for different purpose.

Radio In Modern Day

In modern society, radios are common technology in the car and in the home, Radio broadcasting have become a thing of the past as radio has evolved to keep up with current technology much more than Tesla and Marconi could have ever imagined .

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