What is NYSC Remobilization and NYSC Revalidation|Differences Between NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation

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If you are among those Prospective Corps Member (PCM) that do not have idea or want to know more about these NYSC two terms "Remobilization" and "Revalidation", then this post is strictly and clearly explained in such away that you will not search further for this question that landed you here. In this post, you will learn about what is NYSC Revalidation, what is remobilization, the differences between NYSC remobilization and NYSC revalidation and the relationship between both.

What is NYSC Remobilization?

This is for those that were mobilized in a previous NYSC batch, reported to camp but didn’t complete the orientation exercise or left the state after camp. For more clarity, anyone that is to do remobilization is someone who went to the orientation camp, did all the normal registration on camp but along the line, left camp or didn't report to his/her Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

What is NYSC Revalidation?

This is for those that registered for NYSC and were mobilized and deployed to a state but due to one reason or the other, could not go to the orientation camp. In this case, you are required to revalidate. Furthermore, revalidation is meant for someone that:
  1. Refused going to camp after been mobilized for any reason best known to him/her.
  2. Was expecting the call-up letter to be sent to his mail or notified via SMS only to discovered that it has been sent to his dashboard. But this time, it was already too late.
  3. The registration at camp was not successful due to incomplete credentials
  4. Who reported to camp after the registration window has closed, so was wasn't registered.
  5. Anyone who had been mobilized and for any reason didn’t show up at camp or wasn’t registered at camp.
  6. Does not have a State Code number i.e Unique NYSC number that identifies your Service State, Year, Batch and personnel number), you fall into this group. A State Code number looks like State/Year&Batch/personnel number e.g. DT/21C/1684

How to Apply for NYSC Revalidation

Before you can revalidate your NYSC call, there must be an active registration. But this time, you will have to click on Revalidation instead of fresh application. Enter the previously used email address and password and click on login button. You might be asked to make another payment; whichever ways, follow the instructions to complete the revalidation process then print your green card and call-up letter. NB:There is always automatic revhalidation for those that have not served before but were deployed.

What is NYSC Remobilization?

The NYSC remobilization is those that were sent out of camp, left camp or service uncompleted. If you are doubting why on earth should someone left camp or service uncompleted, then doubt no more. Some copers will report to camps, take part in the early on-camp registrations, and leave the camp for no reason or one best known to them without permission from NYSC. Some may also leave the camp on permission ground. And even with permission, they're still subjected to remobilization. Some corps will complete the camp registrations, participate on camp activities but along the line, got caught in punishable activities like sex, fighting, smoking, gambling e.t.c which may lead to them being sent out from the camp. Such corps members are equally subjected to remobilization. Likewise, some corpers will successfully complete the camping and the associated activities but will fail to report to their PPA without prior permission from NYSC. Such corpers are equally subjected to remobilization.

How Long Does it Take NYSC to Declare a Corps Member Absconded?

In order to confirm that a Corps Member has fled the camp, the NYSC state secretariat will wait for a period of 5 months before declaring a corp member absconded. After the confirmation, the state secretariat coordinator will send a across message about your flee from the camp.

Facts to Know About NYSC Remobilization

  1. You must be declared as absconded corps member by NYSC before applying for Remobilization
  2. If letter of decision has not been sent to Asaba, then ask for extension of service rather
  3. You must print the statement of account of your NYSC allowee bank account to confirm if you have previously received allowee from NYSC or not
  4. If at the time you fled from camp you didn't receive any allowance then you are good to go else you will payback every single penny you received (the one paid at camp is an exception). And payback can be done through remita
  5. If you are remobilize, you might be sent to another state
  6. Remobilization only open after a week from camp (i.e when those that are currently in camp have returned

How to Apply for NYSC Remobilization

The process of NYSC remobilization is very cumbersome and involved alot of procedures. Therefore it is not advisable to fall in this category.
  1. First and foremost, you will have to print the statement of account of your NYSC allowee bank account. This will prove either you have previously received allowee or not
  2. Travel to the state you were posted, then head to the state's NYSC secretariat.
  3. While at the secretariat, go to the Office of Corps Discipline and Reward to inform them about your remobilization motive as well as to check for LETTER OF DECISION concerning your fled from camp.
  4. If letter of decision has not been sent to Abuja by the secretariat, then lucky you. In this case, you will be allowed to complete the service under the condition of Extension of Service. However, in extension of service, the number of days you have missed will be added.
  5. If the letter of decision has been submitted, the head of the department will have to check if the National Headquarters have sent a remobilization decision. If no, then wait for the letter to be sent by NYSC. NYSC headquarter (Abuja) can take up to 3 months to return letter of decision forwarded to them.
  6. If the letter of decision has not been returned by NYSC headquarter, then I will advise you look for a way to befriend one of the staff at the secretariat so that you don't have to be traveling down to the state at all time.
  7. In case your case is remobilization i.e letter of decision has been replied by NYSC headquarter, then you have to visit any cafe that knows about NYSC online processing and let them know that you wish to apply for NYSC Remobilization

Information Needed to Apply for NYSC Remobilization

Information needed by you to apply for NYSC Remobilization is depicted on the image below which are personal and NYSC details and prove of payment. Personal Information and NYSC Details
how to apply for NYSC Remobilization
Proof of Payment
nysc proof of payment

Difference Between NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation

NYSC remobilization is for corps that absconded from service for one reason or another. Remobilization is majorly for those that reported to camp but absconded due to reasons best known to them. While NYSC revalidation is for those who didn't report to camp or weren't cleared at all.

Relationship Between NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation

In both cases, affected corp members are allowed to complete their clarion call.

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