What is Computer Primary Memory: Types, Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Main Memory

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Ability to recall whatever you have done is very vital in our daily life. And you been able to recall is because you have a memory. Memory is an important component in every device as it facilitates data storage.
what is computer primary memory
If you have no idea about computer memory, then we suggest you read this meaning of computer memory to learn about device memory and its various types.

Main or Primary Memory

This memory has a limited storage capacity and usually lost stored data and instructions if the computer eventually goes off, also is not as fast as the registers. Therefore, it is used to store current data and instructions that the computer device is working on.

Types of Primary Memory

This memory is divided into Read Only Memory (ROM) and Random Access Memory (RAM). 1. Read Only Memory (ROM) As the name suggested, ROM is a memory where data that needs no alterations or changes are stored. For example, programs that are required for system's booting are stored in the ROM alongside with algorithms needed by the operating system.

Characteristics of Primary Memory

The following are some characteristics of primary memory:
  1. It is the main memory of the computer device
  2. It only stores data and instructions that the computer is currently working on
  3. It is very fast upon data retrieval compared to secondary memory
  4. No computer system can boot successful without the primary memory
  5. It lost data and instructions once the computer device turned off.
  6. It is a semiconductor memory

Advantages of Primary Memory

The following are some advantages of primary memory.
  1. It is faster than secondary memory
  2. It contribute to the successful booting of a computer device
  3. It only stores data and instructions that is currently needed by the CPU

Disadvantages of Primary Memory

Some disadvantages of primary memory are:
  1. Any data stored in it will lost was the device is turned off.
  2. It is expensive to acquire compared to secondary memory
  3. It has limited storage capacity
  4. It only holds data and instructions that are currently in process
  5. It is a volatile memory

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